Jason King

Piercing since 1990

I opened 23sbp in 1995.  I have been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers since 1996.  I have been an educator for the APP and BMX net (Europe).  I have served as a consult for the Oklahoma State Department of Health during the writing of the Tattoo and Piercing regulations.  I continue to be a hands on piercer, you can find me in a piercing room several days a week.



Kyle Petersen

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Kyle began his piercing career in the fall of 2000 at Body Language Productions on the eastside of the city. Not long after he changed studios to work at Evolved Body Arts on the REAL OSU campus (go Buckeyes). It was there that he truly realized all that piercing encompassed and began seeking out and absorbing as much information regarding it as possible. He began attending the Association of Professional Piercers annual conferences in 2003 and finally became a member in 2007, around the same time he relocated to Seattle to work at Laughing Buddha. He stayed there until 2009 when, after meeting his soon to be wife Amanda, they moved to Philadelphia to work at Infinite before ultimately making the move to work at the world famous 23rd Street Body Piercing. They welcomed their first child, Philomena in November of 2013 and are the happiest family ever. Kyle’s top 5 bands are: The Misfits, The Cure, Slayer, Descendents, and Depeche Mode.



Rick Frueh

Rick began his professional piercing career in 1999 in a small town in Illinois. In 2004 he moved to Austin, Texas and shortly after he opened Industrial Primitives. After doing several guest spots, he took a full time position at 23rd Street Body Piercing and moved to OKC in 2013. Rick first attended the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference in 2001 and has been to all but one since then. He has been a member of the APP since 2002, serving on the Board of Directors from 2011 to 2014 as Medical Liaison. In addition, he has chaired the committee that wrote the 2013 APP Procedural Manual, taught at several conferences, been a guest speaker at several colleges and universities and conferences, served on the Membership committee. Currently he is serving on the Blood Borne Pathogens committee and is chair of the Curriculum Committee. He is a former President of the CoBM. Rick teaches First Aid/CPR/AED, BBP, Sterilization and several other courses in addition to consulting with studios across the country. In his free time Rick loves to spend time with his kitty, Helga.



Billy Wood Jr.

Originally from Massachusetts, Billy Wood  Jr. began his career in the summer of 2006 after a two year apprenticeship at Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, RI. He is a graduate of  the renowned Fakir Body Piercing Intensives Basic and Advanced classes in San Fransisco. He has been attending the Association of Professional Piercers’ yearly conference since 2006, has been a member since 2011, has lectured at schools and public events, holds active piercing licenses in multiple states and has had articles published about his work in the Providence Monthly and The Brown University Daily Herald. During his time Rockstar, he traveled extensively from coast to coast visiting high end shops and jewelers in order to learn and share information with some of the finest piercers in the industry, and how to find that perfect piece of jewelry to suit anyone with any budget. He then relocated to the Pacific North West in 2013 to work for Adorn Body Art in Portland, OR for two years before joining the crew here at the world famous 23rd Street Body Piercing in 2015!  A classically trained chef as well, while not at work, you can find him enjoying or creating something delicious!



Guest: Elayne Angel

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I was President and founder of Rings of Desire, Inc., in New Orleans –The French Quarter’s only licensed body art studio for over 12 years! I am the former Manager and Vice President of Southern California Operations for Gauntlet, in West Hollywood. I’ve performed over 40,000 piercings in my career. I am the  author of The Piercing Bible–The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing, the only authoritative, comprehensive reference book exclusively about body piercing. I am renowned both for my lengthy professional piercing career and expertise in body piercing as well as for my own extensive collection of body art.