23rd Street Body Piercing offers the largest selection of ASTM Certified Piercing Jewelry in Oklahoma.

We charge a piercing fee and a jewelry fee. Your total piercing cost will be those two combined. Piercing fees are listed below. Jewelry cost can start as low as $11 for a ring and $24 for a barbell. The final price is entirely up to you and your tastes!  The fine jewelry we use for initial piercing is provided by Anatometal, BVLA, LeRoi, Future Primitives, and NeoMetal

Multiple piercings take $10 off each additional piercing fee, except for industrials and orbitals which already include that discount.

Lobes, Helix and Rims are $5 off each additional fee.

  • Custom bending fee – $10
  • Autoclave fee – $5
  • Sea Salt – $1
  • Provon – $4